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Welcome to Omnah!

Our journey into the world of textiles began in 2013, following our return to our Indian roots. Omnah was born out of our love for colours, curiousity and discovery of our glorious Indian textile heritage, through travels into rustic and rural craft clusters. Our sourcing travels have taken us across the length and breadth of our incredible subcontinent, from Patiala to Pochampally, Kutch to Kanchipuram, Ilkal to Imphal. We cherish those times of carefree travel! 


What began as a small collection of in-house produced cushion covers in 2013, has over the years, slowly grown into a small business, run single-handedly, curating sarees, dupattas, home decor and art. Each year we explore new artisanal clusters, to bring you offerings that are uniquely handcrafted.


The essence of Omnah’s curations include products that are handmade, and where possible, using natural, sustainable materials. We endeavour to preserve and promote authentic, indigenous craft and textile artistry, a tribute to the many artisans in India who work to perpetuate traditional art forms and centuries-old techniques. By buying an Omnah product you would help preserve ancient craft forms, as well as sustain, facilitate and contribute towards the livelihood of many artisans and skilled workforce from rural India. 


Hope you enjoy your Omnah product, just as much as we liked curating or designing it for you!

About the owner:

Malavika Kamath is a post-graduate in Psychology from the University of Bombay, and has worked in various industries, including airline and hospitality. Prior to launching Omnah in 2013, she worked in a US multinational, as the Asia lead for Communications. She has lived and worked in Hong Kong, Singapore and India.


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