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The age-old art of Ajrakh printing came to Kutch from Sindh in Pakistan, some 400 years ago, with artisans initially settling in village Dhamadka. Following the 2001 earthquake, a number of Ajrakh printers relocated closer to Bhuj town, naming the village after the art – Ajrakhpur. 

Traditional Ajrakh hand block printing is a laborious process, involving several stages of dyeing and resist printing using natural dyes and mordants. Using vegetable dyes sourced from natural, sustainable materials like catechu, pomegranate skins, indigo, dates, madder and more, Ajrakh printing is done with carved out wooden blocks by skillful hands. True to the meaning of their name, which means ‘fill with colour,’ the Khatris bring fabrics to life with colourful floral, geometric motifs taken from their natural surroundings. 



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