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Derived from the word ‘leher,’ meaning waves, Leheriya is a tie and dye technique originating in Rajasthan. Leheriya is a resist-dye technique, where the fabric is tied diagonally from one end, and immersed in the dye. The resist is removed to reveal diagonal stripes. In making a Mothara, the fabric is re-tied diagonally from the opposite end. When the resist is removed, the fabric reveals diamond patterns, at the intersection of the diagonal lines from both ends. This is the part that remained un-dyed in both procedures. Eco-friendly, azo-free dyes are used. 

The colours used in making Leheriyas and Motharas are usually bright and captivating, to contrast the region’s arid desert landscape. Our sarees are curated from a national award winning artisanal family, which employs mainly women in and around Jaipur, Rajasthan.



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