Contemporary Bhujodi sarees from Kutch (Kachch), that replicate in cotton what was once woven by weavers (Vankars), on woollen shawls, blankets (dhabado) and turbans (pagdi). 

"Kachchhi weavers traditionally come from the Marwada and Maheswari communities. The Maheshwaris transitioned into the art of mashroo, while the Marwada style is now well known as Kachchhi weaving. This community is versatile, crafting woven textiles, leather and woodwork all over Kachchh. Weavers are closely linked socioeconomically with their local clients, the Ahirs, Rajputs, and Rabaris. Each weaver was once personally linked with a Rabari family, who would supply yarn from sheep and goats. Farming communities like Ahirs cultivated kala cotton, which produced woven textiles for shoulder cloths and headgear.” - Source: Khamir

Kala cotton is organic cotton grown in Kutch’s arid landscape, without the use of any pesticides or synthetic fertilisers, and is purely a rain-fed crop. Yarn is hand spun on the Ambar Charkha. It is said to be the original old-world cotton of India, that encourages sustainable cotton production.


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