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Ikat (Ikkat) literally means “tie, bind or wrap around”, derived from the Malay word “mengikat.” Intricate patterns are achieved by resist-tying, immersing exposed parts of the bundles of yarn into dyes, prior to weaving. Single Ikat designs are created by resist-dyeing either the warp or the weft yarns, while in double Ikat both warp and weft yarns are tied and dyed. 

Ikat weaving clusters within India - Odisha, Gujarat, Andhra / Telangana, have an overarching style, each with distinct designs and signature motifs. Andhra Ikat focuses mainly on floral and geometric patterns. 

Our curation of Pochampally Ikat cotton sarees are woven in pure cotton, or a mix of pure and mercerised cotton, mentioned in the product description. The sarees are dyed in environment-friendly, azo-free dyes.


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